Some changes and a new beginning

Life is fits and starts, mostly fits. Life doesn’t have to stop with failure. Not only do you not have to jump in the creek, you can even take pleasure in the general fecklessness of life… – Walker Percy, “The Thanatos Syndrome”

I would not consider this blog a failure but I have taken an obvious break from consistent writing and posting.

Mostly this was due to the busyness of life and work. However, I was also examining what I wrote about and why I wrote about it. Thankfully, I was not having an existential crisis but I was questioning my motives as well as the subject matter. I asked myself: does what I write about (the subject) have any value? I do not mean in an utilitarian sense where the value of my writing is only measured by the effect(s) it produces. Rather, I realized that if I do not begin to incorporate my faith and outlook in my writings, then I am like a hamster running on a wheel– a lot of effort goes in but it never gets anywhere.

As I reflect on the ways I have to express my thoughts and faith, I keep returning to what I enjoy: philosophy, politics and culture. Yet I am cautious at this point – in America there is a cottage industry (what Carl Trueman calls the Evangelical Industrial Complex) that has equated the Christian faith with political conservatism; that is something I wish to avoid at all costs. While I do hold many conservative political positions, I do not believe that the historic, orthodox Christian faith can be so easily categorized. Doing so results in the quick marginalization and easy dismissal of the faith, which is antithetical to Christianity’s claims and a tragedy of immense proportions.

But I can neither worry about what others have done, whether correctly or incorrectly, nor can I continue to delay my own obedience to that which I say I believe. Therefore, I must begin again, writing anew, writing what I love by looking at thoughts and trends through the lens of the Kingdom of God. At times this will cause me to speak with political leaders of both left and/or right; at other times, I will speak to them. Regardless, it is always to be under the view of Jesus is both Messiah and King and that one day, that which began on the cross and through the resurrection will be completed by the return of Christ – that is, God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.