Some Musings on Being a Foster Parent

(Please note - This was originally written to be publisheded elsewhere during Foster Care Appreciation Month, aka May. Unfortunately, outside events occured that led me away from submitting it and instead publish it here.) On a late Saturday night in April, 2022, a car pulled up to the curb in front of a small, dingy … Continue reading Some Musings on Being a Foster Parent

Hidden History: The Tillery Resettlement

(This was originally posted on the excellent blog, All the Biscuits in Georgia. Please check them out.) Many cultures have ceremonies or observances that mark significant milestones in the journey from youth to adulthood. For example, the Jewish faith has its Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, the Indigenous Australians mark the passage into adulthood with a … Continue reading Hidden History: The Tillery Resettlement

Don’t Hate the Squid Player, Hate the Squid Game

They never let poor Squidward, join in any Hunger Games - Horatio Thelonius Ignacious Crustaceous Sebastian Cephalopods are everywhere these days. Well, not literally everywhere; I was able to drive to work this morning without encountering any random 8 or 10 limbed mollusks on the back roads I frequent. Hopefully that will hold true this … Continue reading Don’t Hate the Squid Player, Hate the Squid Game

A Not-So-Glowing Nuclear Family

File this under “Bet they didn’t see that one coming.” According to reputable news outlets, as well as CNN, on Saturday October 2, Jonathan and Diana Toebbe were arrested in West Virginia by the FBI and the Navy Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). The result of a year-long investigation, the couple have been charged with attempting … Continue reading A Not-So-Glowing Nuclear Family